What we do

What we do

We work with community groups, CSOs and government agencies to enhance good governance  by bringing about practice change that promote gender equality, social justice, peace, economic and environmental resilience in local communities


Good Governance

Promoting inclusive and participatory governance that the rule of law

Gender And Socail Justice

Sustainable Livelihoods

Enhance women and youth access to alternative livelihood and food security

Peace And Security


Mobilize community action for climate change and environmental conservation

What we offer

We provide information and capacity for target stakeholders to make better decisions.

Capacity building for marginalized group

We build capacity and mentor marginalized groups especially women and youth in life skills, gender, civic rights and responsibilities, leadership, advocacy, alternative livelihood strategies etc., to enable them take their rightful places to reduce inequality and poverty.

Promote participatory approaches

FACE Initiative employ participatory approaches including, Sustainable Livelihood Appraisal, Gender Need Assessment, Participatory Learning and Action to help communities build consensus on their development agendas. We facilitate communities to put on the gender lens in all aspect of development planning and implementation to promote community ownership, cohesion amongst different stakeholder groups and promote peace and sustainable development.

Supporting institutionalization and capacity building

Responsive institutions are lacking in the grassroots of the Niger Delta. We stimulate responsive civic agencies in the grassroots by strengthening and or facilitating communities to set up functional groups (advocacy groups, women cooperative groups, youth groups, farmers groups, environment clubs, peace clubs etc.) to mobilize stakeholders support for their development agenda.

FACE Initiative achieve this by equipping community institutions with necessary knowledge and skills sets on good governance, conflict resolution, human rights and development planning.

Creating linkages

Rather than throwing blames or being confrontational, we facilitate collaborative action amongst government agencies, private sector, CSOs and communities on key development challenges. FACE Initiative create platform for multi-stakeholder’s dialogue and foster collective problem solving approach to bridge the gap between stakeholders which also foster accountability.

Policy reforms and formulation

FACE Initiative mobilize community groups and different stakeholders to demand and contribute to policy that affect their lives. We create opportunities and platforms for  exchange of ideas and experiences amongst stakeholders come up with peoples’ oriented policies and programmes.


We envision a progressive, healthy and cohesive society where every stakeholder group actively contribute to decision that affect their lives without discrimination of persons based on gender, culture, religion and or political affiliations.


To build capacity of marginalized groups especially women and youth on self development and participation in decision making process, so the they can actively contribute to economic development, social justice and a healthy living environment in their community.


To build capacity of marginalized groups especially women and youth to help them become economically secured, self-confident, healthy, and adequately skilled
To promote participatory approaches in development agenda setting, peace building initiative, and policy and programme implementation.
To mobilize and strengthen the voice of stakeholders groups to demand accountability and or advocate for policy formulations and reforms that would better their lives.

How change happen

  • Sensitize Stakeholders
  • Mobilize for Action
  • Lobby and Advocate

Where we work

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FACE Initiative is empowering marginalized groups, especially women and youth and strengthening institutions through enlightenment, capacity building, advocacy and collaboration.

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